this is grace (from dolphin64)!! thank you for visiting my guestbook!! <3 please write something nice + i hope your day or night is super fantastic!!! <3!!!!


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6:27pm 08-10-2019
I enjoy this website a lot! I love the backgrounds.
Replied on: 4:38pm 10-01-2019

(/^▽^)/ thnx m8 i appreciate it!(*≧▽≦)

11:22pm 08-09-2019
supa cute
Replied on: 4:37pm 10-01-2019

thank u ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒(meant to be a cat lol)

1:05am 07-13-2019
your site makes me very happy! thank u for making it!
Replied on: 4:50pm 07-14-2019

i'm glad 2 hear that ur very welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:27am 07-11-2019
Hello this is grandma from deep space
Replied on: 4:51pm 07-14-2019

hello grandma pls knit me a sweater

10:08pm 07-08-2019
Didn't expect to be reading cool poetry today. Cool site.
Replied on: 4:51pm 07-14-2019

thnx!!!!! :-)

6:10pm 06-04-2019
hey grace i LOVe your 404 and all this is suuper well made and i loved your mascot and just wOwie ) ly lots
Replied on: 4:50pm 07-14-2019

thank you very much!!! my 404 page is like my fav page lol

2:48pm 06-02-2019
Sick site, dude!
Replied on: 4:52pm 07-14-2019

thanks mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:02am 02-28-2019
pls update!
pls update!
Replied on: 4:52pm 07-14-2019

updated 4 u!

2:10am 01-12-2019
Great site! Brings some of us back to simpler days. 10/10 will crash into this site again.
Replied on: 1:27am 05-19-2019

thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

3:06pm 01-10-2019
I was here and deemed it worthy thou shall survive the purge.
Replied on: 12:38am 05-19-2019

Thanks, Satan! Glad you like it!

10:06pm 01-02-2019
spooky good
Replied on: 5:30pm 07-14-2019

spooky nice of u to comment <3

9:26am 12-18-2018
I really love your site, and it was the first thing I've ever seen on Neocities, and it inspired me to make my own! Your site design was simplistic, and I used your code as a reference for my own (for a short time, no copying of course). Please, Grace, if you read this, I'd like to thank you for introducing me to coding online. Have a great evening, everyone!
Replied on: 1:26am 05-19-2019

Hey there! thank you so much for your lovely comment. makes me happy that something i made had such a nice influence on someone! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:42am 12-08-2018
I <3 YOUR WEBSITE! the mean comments make me so sad ... dont listen to them ! i found it on google looking up furby things... keep up the good work ! <3
Replied on: 5:31pm 07-14-2019

thank you! i'm glad the furby gods could connect us!!

12:11pm 11-30-2018
What a lovely website!
Replied on: 5:33pm 07-14-2019

Thank you! What a lovely comment!

1:30pm 11-28-2018
the prophecy is here
A screech sounds from the soggy sponges you decided to bury, leaving the feeling of a demon stroking your leg and whispering “mayonnaise”. Dark smoke carrying the smell of broken memes and cinnamon gum fills your basement. You can no longer see your carrots. The flesh below your pinkish, humanoid neck freezes. You can’t move.
“If we were together,” a voice croons, chuckling dankly. “Well, lets just say horses wouldn’t be called horses anymore.”
Replied on: 12:39am 05-19-2019

Not sure what you meant but it was well written.

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