this is grace (from dolphin64)!! thank you for visiting my guestbook!! <3 please write something nice + i hope your day or night is super fantastic!!! <3!!!!


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10:44pm 10-05-2019
The Sack
The Sack is back
Play with toy's number: 361-739-0179
Josh's Number: 561-599-0255
3:31am 09-24-2019
furbies rock hell yeah
Replied on: 4:32pm 10-01-2019

yeah dude!! heck yeah!!!!!!!!

6:20pm 09-15-2019
this was very sweet!! glad i crashed here today hope your day or night is super fantastic as well!
Replied on: 4:33pm 10-01-2019

thank u so much <3 :-)

4:04pm 09-04-2019
kind of epic yeah
dolphin cool lol
Replied on: 4:33pm 10-01-2019

thanks broski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:04pm 09-04-2019
bro that dolphin is pretty cool i like this where can i play melee
Replied on: 4:34pm 10-01-2019

ikr that dolphin is dope!!!!! thanks so much

5:06pm 09-02-2019
this is some nice goods. i approve of the furbies i feel their sinister gaze through my meager screen
Replied on: 4:34pm 10-01-2019

finally someone who understands furbies are an entity not to be trifled with and not simply a toy. the furbies approve

5:05pm 09-02-2019
good web site

especially like the dolphin
Replied on: 4:35pm 10-01-2019

thank ya kindly sir

4:14pm 08-13-2019
Replied on: 4:35pm 10-01-2019

a smiley face to you, too mr. lemon. or is that lime?

6:27pm 08-10-2019
I enjoy this website a lot! I love the backgrounds.
Replied on: 4:38pm 10-01-2019

(/^▽^)/ thnx m8 i appreciate it!(*≧▽≦)

11:22pm 08-09-2019
supa cute
Replied on: 4:37pm 10-01-2019

thank u ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒(meant to be a cat lol)

1:05am 07-13-2019
your site makes me very happy! thank u for making it!
Replied on: 4:50pm 07-14-2019

i'm glad 2 hear that ur very welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:27am 07-11-2019
Hello this is grandma from deep space
Replied on: 4:51pm 07-14-2019

hello grandma pls knit me a sweater

10:08pm 07-08-2019
Didn't expect to be reading cool poetry today. Cool site.
Replied on: 4:51pm 07-14-2019

thnx!!!!! :-)

6:10pm 06-04-2019
hey grace i LOVe your 404 and all this is suuper well made and i loved your mascot and just wOwie ) ly lots
Replied on: 4:50pm 07-14-2019

thank you very much!!! my 404 page is like my fav page lol

2:48pm 06-02-2019
Sick site, dude!
Replied on: 4:52pm 07-14-2019

thanks mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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